Who are we

Xosé Lois Valcárcel Valcárcel
Begoña Carrera Ríos.

Located in the city centre of Vigo (in front of Colegio de Arquitectos de Galicia), Valcárcel Carrera Abogados is a law firm formed by two professional lawyers. We have expertise in all branches of law and we specialise in Family and Inheritance Law, Commercial and Bankruptcy Law, and Administrative, Real Estate and Environmental Law.

When working with our clients, we have a very people-oriented approach emphasising clarity, rigour and honesty, and we deliver our legal services through team-work, diligence and efficiency. We will keep you routinely informed on the status of the matters we are working on for you.

Contact us through this web page and we will provide you with a preliminary assessment of your enquiry. You can also request us to give you an estimate for our advice and legal services.

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